Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Video Clip That Caught My Attention

T  Title: Gift Wrapping Hack
Content: This short video chiefly shows how a Takashimaya employee wraps two gift boxes in 30 seconds.

Learning Summary

  • I learnt how to wrap a gift quickly
  • I learnt that during gift wrapping, a certain amount of skill is needed to be able to wrap professionally
  • i learnt how to treasure even the smallest skill such as gift wrapping as at different times, different needs for different skills may arise.

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Hello everyone. The name is Andrea and welcome to my student Blog! Please make yourself at home...

I like singing but I think my voice is rather horrible like all the girls out there on YouTube who think they can sing and I also enjoy crafting.

I like to talk too so I hope people don't mind. Please do open your ears to hear me rattle!

Thank you for reading my first post! :)